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"God's Accident"

The Great Smokey Mountains,
What a beautiful place to see.
I can't imagine anywhere else,
That I would rather be.

The valley is so beautiful,
With it's green and rolling hills.
I feel like I am part of
Cades Cove and Cable Mills.

Walking around the cove,
Looking at different places.
It's been awhile since settlers lived here,
But I close my eyes to see their work-worn faces.

Going high up in the mountains,
I leave the cove behind.
In a hurry to see over the next hill,
Not knowing what I'll find.

The wonder of breath-taking beauty,
Is more than can be described.
It gives you an incredible feeling,
Of thankfulness at just being alive.

There are those who claim the earth is here
Purely by accident.
That all this evolved without a plan,
Is what I think they meant.

I know if they could only see,
What I see before my eyes.
They would surely change their minds
And know what I've come to realize.

As I stand at the top of the mountain,
Feeling as close to God as can be,
I thank Him for His Master Plan,
That made this wonderful place for me!

Carol French

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