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"Calendars and Mirrors"

Calendars and Mirrors, just what are they
Inanimate objects in the way.
They tend to reflect the things most feared,
Of life and times that disappeared.

The precious years that we are given,
Are just fleeting moments of fast paced living.
In our search for fortune and fame,
Have we rushed through life as though a game.
Have we stopped anywhere along the way,
To take the time to laugh or play.

I pass a mirror in the hall,
Who is that person, I don't recall.
That couldn't be my reflection there,
I stop, I look, I stare.

Where is that one who yesterday,
Thought the future far away.
Surely that's not me standing there,
With rounded shoulders and graying hair.

I checked the calendar on the wall,
Where did the years go, I don't recall.
That piece of paper just doesn't lie,
They've gone ahead and passed me by.

Slow down, stop, please wait, I say,
I'll change my life and live everyday.
I'll smell the roses and hear the bird sing,
And watch tiny hummingbirds flutter their wings.

I'll listen to crickets far into the night,
And marvel at lightening bugs in flight.
I'll take time to watch children at play,
And listen to laughter to brighten my day.

I'll live each day with much more care,
I will take the time to be aware.
Of beauty, love and kindness shown,
And give back in kind, just what I owe.

So Calendars and Mirrors I'll not fret,
Because I'll make them my friends yet!

Carol French

I wonder how many of us reach a certain point in our lives where we suddenly realize how much of it has already passed by? It's not too late to turn around and look in that mirror and promise that person looking back, that no more days will pass by unnoticed!

If you've related to these words, and know someone else who would, please pass it on!

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