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"The Gifts"

The struggle is over, the fighting is done.
One battle lost, and one war won.
The gift of life has passed away,
Replaced by a better gift, I pray.

For those who have been left behind,
He's left some gifts for you to find.
The gift of Peace, the quiet within,
The gift of Joy to smile again.

The gift of Hope for happier days,
The gift of His Love in soft gentle ways.
The gift of Memories large or small,
Held within your heart for quick recall.

The gift of Angels to surround you with care...
Feel the whisper of their wings as they hover there.
The Angels sent from the Light above,
To comfort, protect, with magnificent love.

Please use these gifts each and every day.
For each one is special in its own way.
God sent these gifts at special request
From the one who is now content and at rest.

Carol French

This poem is dedicated to my sister, Gail, whose husband, Tom, lost his valiant fight with cancer, January 26, 2000.

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