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"Light of Love"

What is this thing I search for,
What is this quest I make.
What is this mystery so fleeting,
And this longing I can't shake.

I'm told there is a light,
Filled with warmth and splendid love.
A light that fills me up inside,
With a glow sent from above.

I sit and quietly clear my mind,
Of thoughts all tangled and tied.
I relax each muscle and patiently wait,
For His presence by my side.

It's said the Light of Love I yearn for
Can be summoned at my request.
I close my eyes and pray so hard
To be calm and quietly at rest.

There's this stillness taking over,
The turmoil deep inside.
Its calming serenity,
Has cleared my troubled mind.

Oh God, I feel Your presence,
The love, the warmth, the light.
I open up my troubled soul,
To let the Light of Love inside.

It slowly takes over my being,
I'm enclosed from from head to toe.
The warmth of the Light of Love,
Has filled my very soul.

I bask for what seems like a moment,
In the Light of Love He gives.
I'm filled with God's assurance,
That YES, my Savior Lives.

Carol French

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