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"Angel of the Presence"

I sought the comfort of God in prayer.
Quietly, I waited.
A Presence soft and light appeared.
I sat still with breath abated.

"Dear Presence, can you help me?"
Was my heartfelt plea.
She answered, "Yes, My Love, because you called
I AM God's answer sent to free

You from this state of care and fear
That does you so much harm.
Come here...relax...abide awhile
In My strong and open arms."

She wrapped her arms around me
Enfolding me in Pure Love
And flooded through my being
God's Heart Flame from above.

The Angel bent and whispered so sweetly in my ear
The soothing, comforting words that I so longed to hear.
She spoke of Love and Peace direct from God's Own Heart
Always mine for the taking. We were never really apart.

The joy that filled me was so perfect
Mere words can hardly describe.
This holy place of Comfort
Was where I wanted to abide

For Eternity...but alas
I heard the Angel speak,
"It is time, My Love, to go forth
In this great calm to seek

Other Precious Hearts who
Long to feel God's Love
Remembering that I AM always here
Abiding just above,

Waiting with outstreched arms
To enfold each seeking heart
Answering each one's heart call
With the solace I impart.

Go forth now and shine your Light
On those who cry out too,
Giving only blessings of Peace
To every dear heart who

Seeks God's comfort - that Joy
That is always here so free
Waiting to pour forth effortlessly
When each one calls to Me."

My being thrilled with rapture
As I thankfully implored
My Angel to never leave me -
This Light I so adored!

"Fear not, Dear One, for I AM here
Ever at your side,
Around, above, within you,
Wherever you abide.

You only have to send your love
In gratitude to Me.
I will answer with a Stream of Love
That flows back easily
To fill you once again with this
Same Pure Ecstasy."

Again the Angel whispered
So sweetly in my ear,
"I AM always present within you
Your Heart Song ever so near

That we are one Forever,
My own, Sweet Precious Love.
I AM your Secret Sacred Silent
Presence from above."

Wanda Midgley

Why not be still today and ask your own Angel of the Presence to come near.
Invite someone you love to do the same by passing this on.

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