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"On Raven's Wing"

(Rob's Song)

No more time in a bottle,
No more footsteps on your shore.
Just the sound of a raven,
Who calls forevermore.

No more moments to savor,
No more wishes to fulfill.
Just the memories of a lifetime,
And the voices that are still.

No more sounds of joy and laughter,
No more crying happy tears.
Just quiet shadows creeping,
Not in minutes but in years.

No more plans and no more promises,
No more good intentions that were made.
All are sealed beneath the ground,
In the grave where you were laid.

The years are slowly passing,
The memories start to fade.
Each time I hear the raven's call,
That's when I'm not afraid.

When the feelings of pain and loss,
Steal in at darkest night.
I'll just think of you as that raven,
Taking wing and all is right.

Carol French

There are times in each of our lives when we lose someone close to us. These words express the loss and sorrow felt, but also the peace and comfort in knowing they have been set free!

If you know someone who might find solace in these words, please pass it on.

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