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"Thanks For Listening"

Thanks for Listening,
When the struggle is overwhelming,
And life seems too difficult to pursue.
When the pressures seem too heavy,
When there's nothing else to do.
I lift my voice toward heaven,
And cry without restrain.
You're there to wipe my tears away,
And bring peace and joy again.

Thanks for Listening,
When I try to live each day,
As you would have me to.
When it seems an impossible task,
To be just a little like You.
I stand still for just a moment,
And feel Your presence near.
I'm wrapped in Your love and Light,
And know that You are here.

Thanks for Listening,
When the shadows of the night fall,
And stillness overtakes the day.
When the crystal stars fill the sky,
And I kneel down to pray.
That's when I humbly bow my head,
And let the Praises ring.
When I open up my heart and say,
Thanks for Listening.

Carol French

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