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"Who Am I"

Who am I,
I ask so often, a mystery to be solved?
Just who is this person, and how have I evolved?
I sometimes wonder, what is the mystery there?
Am I a simple person with nothing complex to share?

Who am I,
The more I ponder, the more the query grows.
I think there is more to this mind than anybody knows.
As I contemplate the world within my reach,
Am I just a grain of sand on life's expanding beach.

Who am I,
Someone really important? Do I have a special place?
Is there value in what I think or am I just taking up space?
One thing of which I'm certain, I'm valued beyond compare,
To someone whose opinion, is one I'll gladly share.

Who am I,
When asked, He tells me, "You are the place where I reside,
You only have to call My name to hear my voice inside."
I often ask this question, "Why would You love me so?"
When all I have to do is return the love You show.

Who am I,
That You should send these Angels to protect and guide.
Beautiful, loving creatures, standing quietly at my side.
Always there to remind me how special I am to You,
To lend a helping hand in all I say and do.

Just one small particle of the ever-shifting sand,
But my place upon this earth is known by the Great I AM!

Carol French

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